Vypur Overlay is an overlay system ready to be fit with cute character, avatars, vtuber-type avatars or even an interactive desktop game to pass the time.

While the idea of "Virtual pets" is certainly not new, This is also an exersize in AI development. A test of myself to see if i can create interactive, fun, "lifelike" AI to simulate how an actual pet would respond, but with the flexibility of the virtual world allowing endless customization and possibilities. Eventually I will develop this into a game, where interactions with your pet or avatar give rewards, you can buy certain things from a virtual shop (not real money) for them to give people who can't afford, or are otherwise space-limited from owning pets, the fun and enjoyment one can have with one all at the comfort of their desktop


The goal of this overlay is to re-create the Virtual pet in a modern age. The Tamigachi was a hit for a reason, people love to take care of pets whether real or virtual. And its a space that I feel is very underexplorded. Being build in the unity engine allows us to mix games right into the experience, as well as being developed for windows, we can make full use of the windows api to get real-time screen information or application information to feed into the AI to do more cute and fun things.


Waiting on artwork! I need some cute small creature designs to implement, once i have those i will happily move forward adding other features on this.