Idle ARPG (previously ZoomZoom ARPG Simulator) In an on-going browser/mobile idle/afk game with exciting and satisfying visuals accompanying a deep and interesting idle system

Initially this project started off as a sort of parody of the current state of the game Path of Exile, where most builds are 1 button builds that 1 shot the entire screen, however after giving it some thought and making a video about it [url], I realized I could turn this into a new type of game, an ARPG where you get the cathersis of satisfying kill animations, in compbination with the complexity of an idle systems game for a casual yet enjoyable vieing experience


The goal of this game is to try and revitalize the genre of "idle games" While some can be as simple as purely text based, and others with over the top slot machine style visuals, I thought it might be possible to combine other game genre types with this one in a fun way that gives the gamer who doesn't want really intense micromanagement and APM but still wants the satisfaction that these types of games offer..


Currently the game is playable as an ARPG in your web browser! You can play it here: Play!