Download Melee Masters Demo v0.7.1.2

Oct 25th, 2017, Version

  • Big upgrade to replay that makes them function a lot smoother when jumping around the timeline, note: this will make all previous replays invalid

Oct 19th, 2017, Version

  • Improved controller functionality by adding configuration for vertical detection and make it so vertial specials are prioritized over horizontal in the air.
  • Improved Nyxa's running and dash attack animations

Oct 17th, 2017, Version

It features a visual overhaul on vfx, models, lighting, ui and animations. A new character (Athena), New mechanics (Landing Special) Improved camera functionality, Ai improvements, made replays not suck, and lots and lots of bug fixes. online is again left out but will be included in the first closed beta, which will be available before the end of November.

July 16th, 2017, Version

  • Improved default controller setup for the official wii-u adapter
  • Audio changes now persist through closing and opening/in-game
  • Audio improvements to all "normal" hits, mostly Nyxa
  • Surge aerial animation improvements
  • Animation improvements across the board, Jabs now have proper IASA and all moves have IASA frames that make transitions smoother between major states (Idle, Falling, ect)
  • Added airdodge recovery animations

July 4th, 2017, Version

  • Added support for the Official Wii-u Adapter
  • Added end-lag cancelable frames on Nyxa's jab and quake's first/second jab
  • Added support for OS X
  • Improved Andor's upB animation
  • Added grounded getup attack for Nyxa
  • Fixed a bug with clipping on Cornice
  • Fixed an invisible ledge on Cornice
  • Added a pause menu in replays
  • Improved replays to work with the current input configuration (still needs work)
  • Replays now exit back to main menu
  • Fixed landing animations not playing when the player doesn't fall far enough
  • Fixed a few sounds related issues
  • Improved performance when near edges
  • Added support for C stick sensitivity

June 30th, 2017, Version

  • Fixed Players getting stuck under/passing through Cornice
  • Fixed Umbri missing her free fall recovery
  • Fixed Umbri getting in a state of both characters reading as "clones" when swapping too fast

June 30th, 2017, Version

  • Fixed Replays not working properly (note they are still a little janky at the start)
  • Fixed Fissure allowing people to go under the stage and get stuck
  • Fixed some UI buttons being Buttons when they shouldn't be

June 30th, 2017, Version

This patch was a bit delayed but a lot went into it. Here's an overview.

Character Specific

  • Surge's jumpsquat changed from 3 frames to 4 frames
  • Nyxa's has recieved some new moves, Nair, Dair, Up Special, USmash and DSmash have been changed.
  • Anemos's timings slightly improved.


  • Animation transitions smoothed across the board, added free-fall recovery animations to all characters
  • Rolls sped up slightly and improved animations
  • A Combo meter added to the bottom, these represent true combos and the combo count drops off the instant an enemy character can act
  • Audio improvements on all "normal" non-elemental sounds
  • Audio Improvements for Nyxa, Andor and Quake
  • Smoothed UI animation on Stage Select
  • Added the ability to go back to Character Select from Stage Select
  • Improved the visibility and color of characters on night stages
  • Added an FPS checker, this will pause the game and alert you if your FPS is constantly dropping below 45
  • Added end-game victory and loss poses for all characters

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Crag not working with AI
  • Fixed Running animations playing while crouching
  • Fixed being able to go through the platform or get stuck on Cornice
  • Fixed Animations playing twice on Andor
  • Fixed Certain On-Hit effects destroying themselves instantly
  • Fixed a bug with ledge rolls causing the player to float/not be able to move
  • Fixed an issue which caused low FPS to not properly transition some animations
  • Fixed an issue with round-end camera and character animations
  • And a lot of more minor/small bugs fixed

June 24th, 2017, Version

- Small fix to enable pausing in-game

Note: A more detailed update will come out to enable graphics options in-game as well as controls setup from the main menu.

June 23rd, 2017, Version

Take a listen to the video for a full explaination of what there is to do in the demo, common issues and how to avoid them, and more news on the game. Patch notes will be posed as versions of the demo are updated. These will be listed on this page.