What is Melee Masters?

Melee Masters is a 3D, platform-based fantasy fighting game with a unique cast, stylish visuals, and a strong emphasis on multiple playstyles. At its core, Melee Masters is highly based off of Super Smash Bros. Melee, and features many of its mechanics from wavedashing to shielding. However, Melee Masters is not simply a clone, here is a brief overview of what we have to offer.

  • An original cast of characters
  • New and interesting playstyles and moves
  • Innovative, original stages
  • An all-new refined movement system, with easy-to-grasp basics but endless room for advanced players to discover new tech
  • Online Matchmaking
  • High level AI using machine learning to learn your playstyle and train against
  • Custom Games
  • Steam Integration
  • Integrated replay system where you can hop back in the match at any point and play it out again
  • And much more!

We aim to create a true spiritual successor to Melee, and give it the treatment it deserves. With a vigilant workforce full of gamers at heart, we will always aim to satisfy the community. With continuous content and balance patches, insight videos, and coordination with the community, you as a gamer will feel your voice is heard with us, as we know what it is like to be where you are. We would like to bring melee to the modern era, with the support that it deserves.

This means:

  • Highly Configurable Controls
  • Support for as many controllers as possible, including the Gamecube controller with the PC adapter
  • Balance Patches to help out weaker characters
  • Tournament Modes with built in Crew-Battle modes
  • Official online and offline tournaments

One of the largest pieces of feedback given was criticisms of the character designs and animations. Currently these are all being worked on and with time and support these can improve fairly easily. The original animations were all created by the primary programmer/developer and those are improving over time as well.

Join us in our quest to create the game the platform-fighter community has always wanted. Currently, we have 6 playable characters, with 8 expected on release. More details to come soon! Including gameplay, dev blogs, vlogs and the best part:

A free alpha test realm for you to play on! This should arrive by early June!

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